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Since our establishment, Defence projects have been a core strength of our business. We have been involved with the Department of Defence (Capability Acquisition and Sustainment - Formerly DMO) and also with major Primes and Defence Contractors.

We have experience with the Australian Army, Air Force and the Royal Australian Navy, on both Contractor and CASG projects.

DDS are experts in :
  • Open Plan Professional (Scheduling)
  • Cobra (Cost Control)
  • Welcom Home (EVM)
  • Roman (Finance)
  • Predict (Risk Management)
  • Objective (Document Control)

Defence Industry


  • Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles
  • Telstra Defence
  • Tenix Defence
  • BAE Systems
  • NEC Australia
  • Viasat
  • ANZAC Alliance

Project Experience:
  • LND121 Overlander Vehicle Acquisition
  • JP2008 Ph5B1
  • JP2008 Ph5B2
  • Anzac Ship Project
  • ASMD (Anti Ship Missile Defence Project)
  • JP2047 Telstra Defence Engagement
  • Nulka Decoy Missile Project
  • HMAS Parramatta Availability Upgrade

Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group: 
  • AIR3024 Woomera Range Remediation Project
  • AIR9000PH5C Chinook Helicopters and Support Systems
  • LND116 Project Bushranger
  • M113 Upgrade
  • LND901 Tank Project
  • Project Redfin
  • Land Engineering Agency
  • AIR5431 PH2
  • AIR5431 PH3
  • Sustainment Projects for GTESPO

We use the mandated software applications, experience and expertise for a number of value adding services to both the CASG and Industry. 

Defence specific tools and implementations have been:

  • Development of an estimating template (Product available with Tools4Schedulers). This template is used by Industry as well as CASG (LEA, GTESPO, parts of LSD). The template builds the resource profile (hrs / $) split by Project WBS and resources, then with the click of a button exports the data into CSV format ready for a direct import (Transfer.dat) into Open Plan Professional. It saves considerable time and enables real time histogram viewing power to the Project Managers, schedulers and Cost Account Managers.

The template can also roll the Hours and Cost to Level 1 or 2 of the WBS and give an excellent cross check of the financial model, excellent for Tenders and bid work.

- Over 30 Transfer.dat scripts for importing and exporting information in and out of Open Plan Professional (OPP)

- Schedule Health checks for Industry in line with DMO Scheduling Policies

- Migrating MSP Schedules into OPP